Ağva Sahil Yıldızı Otel

Ağva ya Ulaşım

landscape you see when you go to this quaint town which is 97 kilometers away from Istanbul enough to amaze you. very pleasant even see the trees stretching right and left during your journey. To get there from Istanbul Agva first need to go to Sile. Sile highway quality road until ...

After reaching Sile; You can go to Agva two options;
First, the coastal road; Chile is divided into two ways Çayırbaşı. Coastal road Kabakoz, Akcakese way to get your face in the Şuayipli continue, İsaköy return you to come Agva signs will help you a lot.

Chile A to Agva second road route; Çayırbaşı, you follow the road to the village of Teke Teke, you can Agva continuation of Gökmaşlı and İsaköy direction.

for transportation by Gebze, go to the Mollafenari direction. Jul Follow the road, deviate to the left Teke way, Yağcılar, follow the Değirmençayı the road. When you come Teke turn to right and Ağva'd İsaköy way here.

for transportation by Izmit, Kandıra highway with first Kandıra, and you'll be Agva Akçaova and then.

For transportation from the Black Sea region; You can follow the Akcakoca road.

If you use the bus to get to the place where Agva our yazahane iett Harem bus with buses every hour; then you can complete your journey before entering the Sile Ağva way.

However, our advice to Agva journey, you are coming with your own vehicle, going the way of the sea, and in turn choose the forest road, so you will discover all the beauties of Agva.