Ağva Sahil Yıldızı Otel


Agva Gizemli Nehir Hotel is located in Agva established a wide area on the edge of the Goksu River, the area where it occurs as a result of the installation and the nature of our hotel in Agva's natural beauty there is plenty of activity to make love.

If you like nature activities you can do in our hotel there are plenty of activities and Ağva. Some of those;

Navigation creek with pedalos and canoes: Goksu river attracts considerable interest nature lovers due to the natural structure, you can benefit from free pedalos and canoes as long as you stay in our hotel, a variety of animals can be observed in the Goksu river while you wandered in the creek, take pictures. Goksu river navigation allows you to make extremely safe due to non-stationary structure during the rainy period.

Walking: Agva 3 sides is surrounded by forests, plains Kurfalli located just behind our hotel, several hiking trails located in the center of Agva is very attractive for those who walk and ride.

Fishing: the pier to our hotel by the river should Goksu Depending on the season or at sea, you can perform a variety of fishing, especially during the summer season in the Goksu river into entering mullet herds gives hunting season, while the September-November interval with boats you can rent from Agva center, you can go to acorn hunt. Year-round need plenty of river fishing in the sea should be made.

Swimming: Our hotel is open during the summer season is open on-site swimming pool, you can continuously enjoy free pool made our treatments. If you want to enter the sea, our hotel is within walking distance to the public beach Agva. In our region, many large and small can benefit from the beach.

Live music Saturday evening and on special occasions (Valentine's Day, Christmas, holidays, etc.) stage may listen to the Kadirhan White and his team can enjoy live music.

Relaxation: Relax as you wish in riverside bungalows from each other independent entrance of our hotel rooms, our pier on the edge of the creek and the stress of the city in our large garden and the sounds of birds you can spend a holiday away from the bustle.